How many no of AirExit turbine exhuast is required for a shed?
The No of AirExit turbine exhaust is depend on the size of the shed ,if you send us the detalis like lenth, width, height up to truss and ridge level, type of roof then we calculate and guide.

Is AirExit turbine exhaust system is waterproof / leakage proof?
yes,it is a 100 % water and leak proof, the Blade is designed for all degree of rain, the FRP base plate also matched with profile of roofing sheet so it become leak proof.

What is the MOC of the material?

  • Blades – High-grade aluminum certificate on request.- 0.5 mm thk.
  • Ring – Galvalume
  • All MS part: Phospated & coated with Zinc – aluminum metal coat (Silver bright finish) Excellent salt spray life , exceeding 600 hours.
  • Bearing: ball bearing, doubled sealed.
  • Rivets : Aluminium
  • Other hardware – In SS

What will be the thickness and dimension of FRP base plate?
Between 1.5 to 2 mm lenth 1.5 M,width as per roofing sheet.

Can it be installed on any type of roof?
Yes, we will change profile of FRP base plate as per existing roofing.

Fibreglass sheet is an ultraviolet ray resistant?
Yes. We use UV protected GP/ISO resin, gel coat.

How many no of blades are there in your AirExit Turbine Exhuast?
42 nos.

What are the sizes available?
24 inch throat diameter (29 inch overall diameter) – Industrial, also 14 inch throat diameter used for small shed and rooms.

Why 24 inch diameter is preferred compare to 14 inch?
If you go for 24 inch size then, exhaust capacity will be almost 80 % more than that of 14-inch size, while the rate difference is just 50 %. Cost of installation will be high.

How many no of ventilator will be installed within one days ?
Maximum 15Nos, if all things are clear at erection shed.